Apparently, now that Seattle has been named the third most popular tourist destination in the US, behind just Orlando and Las Vegas (and ahead of New York and Los Angeles), our weather has decided that it must emulate those locales as well. At this point, at ten at night, the temperature is still over twenty degrees, and the next two days have highs forecast in the mid-30s.

To put it differently, the National Weather Service has issued a Heat Warning which is set to expire at 4:15 a.m., only to be superceded by an Excessive Heat Warning not set to expire until after 11 p.m. Wednesday. It's said to be possible for temperatures to reach triple digits on the Fahrenheit scale.
Well, in spite of predictions that the coast would get winds up to 150km/h, the highest velocities recorded at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport only reached a touch over 110 km/h (69.4 mph was the number i think i heard this morning), with sustained winds around 75 km/h (46mph).

Still, with gusts that high, conditions match Beaufort scale 11 gales- technically 'violent storm', and noted for their ability to cause widespread structural damage. The sustained winds fall into category 8- 'fresh gale' and are noted for being able to remove tree limbs and displace moving vehicles.

At our place, the only real damage noted is that a section of the fence dislodged by the last windstorm was ripped apart by this one. This comes as no surprise, as it was re-erected by the property owners after blowing down last winter, and the manner in which it was done was, well, less than substantial. Now they'll get to fix it again- assuming they ever return [ profile] damashita's calls and e-mail informing them of the damage a week ago.

We're coming up on the time when the inner chamber at Maes Howe (in the Orkney Islands) will be illuminated by the sunset- which, is as far as i'm aware, unique amongst Neolithic cairns in that the alignment is with the sunset at winter solstice, rather than sunrise. The icon accompanying this post is another Orcadian site with a similar alignment- the Ring of Brodgar. Permission to use the photo came courtesy of Dr. Charles Tait, who graciously hosts a web-cam set up to show the events (weather permitting), available at
ravencallscrows: (mountaingoat)
It's snowing yet again, at least for all values of 'snow' approximating 'white precipitate falling in a frozen state from moisture-bearing clouds at significant altitude.' I'm not sure it's really what i'd define as snow, though. For what it's worth, i'm not sure what the hell it is.Falling, it sounds crisp, almost like the very finest powder. Underfoot, it crackles. It's gritty on the order of 60 grit sandpaper, but doesn't seem overly wet. So- it's not quite snow, but doesn't fit within the defined parameters for sleet or freezing rain either. Weird.

And now for something completely different, if i were to write a song four minutes and thirty-four seconds long, comprised of exactly two arpeggiated guitar chords- one at the beginning, one at the end, how many people would get the reference? (There are bonus points in it for you, by the way.) Maybe i should call it Lion the Tiger. Hmmm. Food for thought.
Autumn has definitely arrived in the Pacific Northwest. This morning when i left for work it was a brisk -1°C/30°F, and it got up to about 8 or 9 °C/46-50°F, but remained pretty crisp all day. When it's chilly but the rains haven't yet beset us are some of my favourite times of year- just as their counterpart in the spring are.

May end up playing co-rec indoor soccer this winter. The exercise would definitely be a good thing. Might look into the Cascade Hockey League- a few of the dads from [ profile] darkmuffin's team mentioned them and that there are usually spots for players even during the season- which might manage to make it affordable.


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