This should be an interestingly busy weekend- tomorrow is [ profile] deadrose's wedding, and after that, I'm going to spend some time with M.; Sunday we have the markets (probably going to try to make it to both of them), and [ profile] darkmuffin has a soccer game at 2ish. I'm also going to try to encourage [ profile] damashita to try again to catch the movie she hasn't made it to this week yet, because the time away is good for her.

Oh- and hi, [ profile] erichris. I've tossed you by default into what seemed like the most appropriate filter groups, simply based on the KoL discussions the Altons have had with Yang and Ida.
Autumn has definitely arrived in the Pacific Northwest. This morning when i left for work it was a brisk -1°C/30°F, and it got up to about 8 or 9 °C/46-50°F, but remained pretty crisp all day. When it's chilly but the rains haven't yet beset us are some of my favourite times of year- just as their counterpart in the spring are.

May end up playing co-rec indoor soccer this winter. The exercise would definitely be a good thing. Might look into the Cascade Hockey League- a few of the dads from [ profile] darkmuffin's team mentioned them and that there are usually spots for players even during the season- which might manage to make it affordable.


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