This should be an interestingly busy weekend- tomorrow is [ profile] deadrose's wedding, and after that, I'm going to spend some time with M.; Sunday we have the markets (probably going to try to make it to both of them), and [ profile] darkmuffin has a soccer game at 2ish. I'm also going to try to encourage [ profile] damashita to try again to catch the movie she hasn't made it to this week yet, because the time away is good for her.

Oh- and hi, [ profile] erichris. I've tossed you by default into what seemed like the most appropriate filter groups, simply based on the KoL discussions the Altons have had with Yang and Ida.
Heading out for tea in a few. M. is supposed to show up and chatter about things, but i'm almost hoping she has something come up- i could do with a little Blood and Iron reading time and wouldn't mind trying to scribble a bit on the French Shore piece of short fiction which has been rattling around in my skull
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We just recently got home from the Urban Craft Uprising at the exhibition centre at Seattle Center. One word comes immediately to mind to describe the event: underwhelming. The getting out part was nice, but the event itself was, well, mediocre- most of the things of even moderate interest seemed vastly overpriced, and there was a huge amount of stuff which just didn't seem particularly inspired. Think the Fremont Sunday Market, inside, without the atmosphere or most of the more interesting vendors.

Before that, it was Hockey Morning in Metro Seattle. Alexander's team beat his old coach's squad handily for the fourth time this season. Wheee.

Made it out last night and met A. for tea at Mr. Spot's in Ballard. Ended up having some nice chatter before the evening's entertainment started- a guitarist/vocalist who was fair but needs to discover the lower ends of his register, an indie-rock quartet called Seeing Blind (note: crappy website- they're redoing it, but the audio clips may be of some interest) who list Ani DiFranco, Jeff Buckley and Dave Matthews band amongst their primary influences, but who sound like the Indigo Girls with cello thrown in for good measure, and were quite good. [OK, i can hear Ani in there as well] They were followed by Operadesiac, a trio who do sketch comedy and light burlesque based around opera arias (and other songs performed in operatic style). This was incredibly funny highbrow low comedy. All in all, it made for a good evening out.
A troika of birthday wishes today: [ profile] aylara, [ profile] msanborn, and [ profile] tonyawinter. May the year to come bring you only the most pleasant of surprises.

The Camlynn outing today went nicely- the boys had fun, and it was a good day to go. To borrow from the incomparable [ profile] prncsmoonbeam, the shallow fashion details for those so inclined: knee-high rough-out boots, black linen pants, cream linen shirt lacing up at the neck and both sleeves, burgundy velvet with black fringe belt pouch, black velvet doublet with sleeves opened into three diamonds. Nothing particularly period- or location-specific, just fairly generic western European lesser gentry wear- could be Landsknecht, possibly French during the reign of Henri III or IV, slightly too plain to be Tudor dress wear, maybe C. 15 Flemish etc.

Had dinner with I. and partial clan, and now for the rest of a quiet evening.


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