Managed to make it out for the fĂȘte last night for an hour. Saw several wunnerful people whom i haven't seen forquite a while, even managed to fail to recognize someone i should have known. Bah- i fail! It's nice to observe the social elite from arm's length, and [ profile] prncsmoonbeam holding court is truly remarkable to see, even if most of the assembled gentry in their finery were people i didn't- or only barely knew. Staying any longer would just have ensured that morning came far too early.

Serotonin levels seem to be rebounding- yaaaay for better living without psychopharmacology. And for the concomitant levels of feeling better in general.

Work continues to show promise. Maybe this time we're going to stop cobbling one layer of fixes onto another making a hideous patchwork over something which was broken in the first place and actually start doing things properly. It'd be about time.
Got out to Rosario Beach with [ profile] damashita today. While there, managed to do a bit of piping, some reading, and a lot of decompressing.

Downside: the woman with the wedding party who insisted they reserved the bluff and could deny others the right to use the paths leading up to it.
I didn't believe for a moment that the park started allowing people to reserve anything other than the day-use facilities, but decided not to push it with her and just avoided the paths, scrambling up the cliff-side. Go-go gadget mountain goat legs! I was really tempted to pipe close enough to the wedding party as to be audible on their video, but figured it wasn't their fault. (Checking the Washington State Parks site doesn't show anything about reserving the public area).

Intended to take pictures, but had just enough battery power in the camera to extend the lens before crapping out.


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