No dead ducks today. In fact, the last twenty-four hours have been fairly nice.

Did a consultation with a new maille client and planned out a new aluminum flogger style. At least tentatively, the handle will be a box chain reinforced with a length of dowelling, with four falls of about a foot apiece in length. I could see [ profile] misskarin or [ profile] kafuela liking this style.

After that, it was time to deliver one of the bowtie collars- although its new owner will wear it as a choker. It both looks good on her and is a perfect fit. Today, since [ profile] lokheed was off, my developers didn't get anything in particular done, so while helping out on things at work, i did a little work on a choker for office-mate G.- seven rows of European 4-in-1 in blackened and standard stainless, 14 gauge, ¼" internal diameter- starting with the proper length one sett wide, i finished the piece except for clasp before the end of the day. It's primarily black, with two rows of stainless:

As usual, click for the big picture.

As seems to be typical, i had the pliers slip once, and blooded the piece. I suppose that it imbues each piece with something even more personal than the labour which goes into creating it.
Wheee. Happy day before Canada Day, folks. I'm thinking about preparing a special phone post for tomorrow, in the form of a tribute to the Home and Native Land a la Ontario Provincial Police Constable Lyndon Slewidge. Or maybe i'll go dig about for the microphone and just do it here. Anyway, going out tonight- still uncertain if [ profile] fairygirl70 is coming along or not. Picked up yet another maille choker commission, this one from someone who saw [ profile] skyewolf1's piece. Oh- and since that isn't any of you here yet, here are pictures:

The entirety of the piece, except for the clasp and reciever.

Detail of the centre weave.

As usual, larger versions may be seen by clicking each of the smaller ones.

This is mainly 14 gauge ¼" stainless and blackened stainless European 4-in-1, with the centre piece 13 rings of the same stainless, 1 of the blackened stainless (which isn't visible in this picture- it's behind the centremost ring), 4 16 gauge 7/16" stainless rings, and 5 14 gauge 7/16" blackened stainless rings. Weight is right about 300 grams. Total labour involved: approximately 10 hours. Estimated retail price for a piece of this nature is right around $200, should i ever do another similar to it.

14 gauge red and black anodized aluminum, 1/4" internal diameter, European 4-in-1. Closure 16 gauge blackened stainless steel. Bigger version available if you click the picture. The red is fairly close to the way it appears at the right of the image.

I'm pleased with the way this turned out.
Well, the prospective client loved the piece. That's the good part. She positively gushed about it, even.

But she says she can't afford it now. Figures. And we hadn't even gotten to price- and i would have accepted even a low-ball offer.

Instead, i'm thinking eBay might be an option, or i'll run by Underground and see if they'd have an interest. If it goes on eBay, i'm thinking i'll start it at $50- which, considering it's about $30 in materials and four hours of labour is damn cheap, and i've not seen anything really similar- Axovus have a 4-in-1 at $39.99 which is significantly smaller, weighs a third as much and made from lower grade material (and which is about $4.50 worth of material).

Oh- and rather than continue being nice to myself and weaving the aluminum (now up to four folk with a proclivity for the Stendhal-esque combination), it was black and silver stainless- that piece is now about a third done and has been blooded. It was time to stop when the hands started hurting.

Shower and bed, in short order.
Some new maille pictures: European 8-in-1. 5/16" ID, 14 gauge stainless steel

European 6-in-1, 1/4" ID, 16 gauge blackened stainless steel (this piece, for reference is approximately an inch/2.5 cm square)

Two-toned European 4-in-1, 1/4" ID, 14 gauge stainless steel and blackened stainless

The lovely but impractical modified Hodo. With three or four different sizes additional, this might be rigid enough to support itself, but adding that many more types of ring would increase the complexity inordinately. You can see at the top of the image doubled rings in an attempt to firm it up.
Well, after DIE last night, we're going to try to make it out for a crafting night tonight- [ profile] damashita has some projects to finish up and i have loads of things to do; and then tomorrow night, the Grind. Quite the little run. Starting to pick up a few commissions here and there, even.
Hey, [ profile] skyewolf1— what do you think about this?

Imagine that in black and silver, all stainless steel. Black rings are joined to black rings by silver ones, and to silver ones by black ones. Just visually replace the red with silver and you get the idea. Oh- and the very centre black one has a smaller black one nested inside it, this time with black rings.

Hodo, a variant form which is drawn from Japanese 8-in-1 and Japanese 4-in-1. All rings are stainless steel, 12 gauge, 7/16" big rings; the rest are all ¼ 14 (silver and black) and 16 gauge (black only). I'll get a picture of the work in progress in the next day or so.


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