Nothing like old-fashioned hockey to get a group of men reminiscing about- and reliving- their childhoods.
We don't often get cold enough for long enough in Seattle for ponds to freeze, so our five day stretch of sub-freezing temperatures gave us an excuse to do just that.

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Well, it's definitely hockey season again. Senators and Red Wings won last night; Ottawa beat Toronto for the second straight night tonight. I also watched the Sharks-Oilers and Flyers-Flames. [ profile] tattermuffin, your boys' new jerseys are awful. Is it just my eyes- or the colour correction- or did they shift to a greener shade of teal? Either way, the orange just has to go.
I'm just, well... off right now. Not sure why exactly- it doesn't feel like a weather related thing, it's definitely not a relationship thing, but i've been short tempered and more than a little brittle. My knee is acting up yet again- and still from having run around with the little kids Friday two weeks back.

Hockey season really starts in earnest tomorrow, and Centre Ice has been ordered and will deliver just about every televised game. Wheee! It'll be nearly time to overdose on the game again- about time, since it has been a long off-season.
Forgot to scribble last night. Also forgot where i put my backpack, which led to all sorts of scrambling around this morning, and of a most unpleasant sort. Nobody's fault but mine, but it still goes to show both how much a creature of habit i am, and how it doesn't take a huge disruption to throw me off-stride sometimes. Now it'll probably take a big chunk of the day to get myself re-oriented.

Today's also the last day for the season of the Phinney Ridge farmer's market. It'll take some changing to accomodate to this in upcoming weeks- it just seemed like the perfect thing to do Friday after work.

Tomorrow evening, the Seattle Thunderbirds have their home-opener against Everett. Thanks to super-fan [ profile] ravenlaughing, whom we'll be joining, we'll be at the game. Wheee.
This summarizes last night's Red Wings - Sharks game:

Hat tip to [ profile] hockeypuck_74, who is probably the only one who gets the joke in the subject line.

And for gods' sakes, would someone please chain Dominik Hasek to the goal? I think we could hear [ profile] krautboy screaming about that all the way in Greenwood.
Hmmm. State of the Union address or NHL Young Stars game followed by the All-Star skills competition. Some choice, eh?

Three guesses which i opted to watch. Bush makes me nauseous, whereas it was fun to watch emerging NHL stars play what amounted to fire-wagon hockey and show off. Both Chara and Souray topped 100 mph with their shots, which is just amazing.
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We just recently got home from the Urban Craft Uprising at the exhibition centre at Seattle Center. One word comes immediately to mind to describe the event: underwhelming. The getting out part was nice, but the event itself was, well, mediocre- most of the things of even moderate interest seemed vastly overpriced, and there was a huge amount of stuff which just didn't seem particularly inspired. Think the Fremont Sunday Market, inside, without the atmosphere or most of the more interesting vendors.

Before that, it was Hockey Morning in Metro Seattle. Alexander's team beat his old coach's squad handily for the fourth time this season. Wheee.

Made it out last night and met A. for tea at Mr. Spot's in Ballard. Ended up having some nice chatter before the evening's entertainment started- a guitarist/vocalist who was fair but needs to discover the lower ends of his register, an indie-rock quartet called Seeing Blind (note: crappy website- they're redoing it, but the audio clips may be of some interest) who list Ani DiFranco, Jeff Buckley and Dave Matthews band amongst their primary influences, but who sound like the Indigo Girls with cello thrown in for good measure, and were quite good. [OK, i can hear Ani in there as well] They were followed by Operadesiac, a trio who do sketch comedy and light burlesque based around opera arias (and other songs performed in operatic style). This was incredibly funny highbrow low comedy. All in all, it made for a good evening out.
Autumn has definitely arrived in the Pacific Northwest. This morning when i left for work it was a brisk -1°C/30°F, and it got up to about 8 or 9 °C/46-50°F, but remained pretty crisp all day. When it's chilly but the rains haven't yet beset us are some of my favourite times of year- just as their counterpart in the spring are.

May end up playing co-rec indoor soccer this winter. The exercise would definitely be a good thing. Might look into the Cascade Hockey League- a few of the dads from [ profile] darkmuffin's team mentioned them and that there are usually spots for players even during the season- which might manage to make it affordable.
And let there be offense.
And there was, and it was good.
Verily, a voice burst forth from thousands of throats,
And it was the sound of cheering.

In short, nothing really to see here, although i'd be remiss to let the day pass without remembering to wish[ profile] revseandoe a happy birthday.
There's a monthly clinic for the various hockey teams in the Seattle Junior Hockey Association. Alexander's team had theirs tonight. This makes three times on the ice for him in four days- and he has a skating lesson tomorrow. Poor kid is going to be worn out at this rate. Personally, i'm hoping to find a stick and puck or drop-in session which doesn't start at o'dark thirty in the morning or end somewhere after midnight on a work day, but it looks as if those will be nigh unto impossible.

Alexander in his Badger jersey, from phone camera. Sorry it's slightly blurry.

You know you're tired when...
the day's highlight is getting to take a nap.

Alexander's hockey team had an 8:15 game this morning. This entails being at the rink by 7:45, which in turn means being up by 7 at the latest. Seven ante meridian is a time which shouldn't be seen on weekends, especially both days of one. He played well, and was in many of the loose puck battles on the positive side, but the team played poorly, and lost 3-0. [ profile] scootercomputer came along and kept sitting in the stands watching the game from being too routine. There's a picture of [ profile] darkmuffin on my phone which will make its way here sooner or later (and which he'll probably turn into an icon).

Back to the work-week grind tomorrow, meaning at least five more successive mornings waking up by seven.
Centre Ice is evil. Now just about every televised NHL game comes into my house (for the second year). At one point earlier, i managed to be be concurrently watching the Senators-Sabres game, the Habs-Leafs and Red Wings-Penguins. Now it's closing in on nine p.m., and rather than going out, i'm half-watching a pair of games between two teams for whom i'm having a difficult time summoning even apathy (Anaheim-Phoenix, LA-St. Louis) and bouncing between the Oilers-Flames and Sharks-Islanders.

Alexander has a game tomorrow morning at o'dark thirty, so no sleeping in for yet another weekend. [ profile] damashita's showing signs of improvement, but it has been a really rough week. I should probably go out, but in order to be awake at seven, i'd need to be approaching asleep by midnight, which pretty much makes going out pointless.
Hockey season's starting!

The puck hasn't even dropped yet, and already TSN is drooling all over the Maple Leafs.

Disgusting. I'll be shocked if the Buds make it out of the first round of the playoffs, and don't expect them to make the playoffs.

It's so hard to watch [ profile] darkmuffin's hockey practices from the stands. There's just something not right about not being a participant in so many ways. On the other hand, this way, when something interferes with other schedules (like the game this Sunday at an atypical time happening to conflict with the first ballet of the season for which we're not changing our tickets), i don't feel too horribly bad about not being there. It's bad enough that when it comes to ice times our kids have worse times than even the participants in the beginners' programme.
Parent-child stick and puck at Highland again tonight. [ profile] darkmuffin's making some progress and getting used to his new skates. I'm feeling more and more capable as well- haven't felt the need to cover any parts of myself in Tiger Balm yet. Also seem to have found my long-missing slapshot. Still need to find out if work will make playing affordable, because $480 for the season definitely isn't in my budget- fitting in the $600+ for [ profile] darkmuffin barely is.


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