Senator Clinton has done it again. This time, though, instead of just redacting her contribution links, i've replaced them with my own. I can't afford a lot, but $5 is manageable. If any of you feel led to join me in letting the Hillary Rodham Clinton machine finance the Barack Obama campaign $5 at a time, have at it.

Subject: Bright lights and speeches
From: "Hillary Clinton" <>
Date: Fri, February 15, 2008 11:32 am

Dear Vanya,

When the bright lights are off and the speeches are over, who can you count on to
listen to you, to stand up and deliver solutions?

Americans need solutions to the challenges they face every single day, and they are
depending on us to deliver them. I'm in this race to make a real difference in
people's lives, but first I need you to help me win.

Critical primaries are approaching, and I need your help now in this neck-and-neck
race for the nomination.

Contribute now to help us prepare for the next round of primaries.

The story of this campaign is your story. It's the story of hundreds of thousands of
people who have contributed to this campaign.

It's the story of how grassroots supporters came through at the exact right moment
-- when I needed you the most. I can't tell you what you've meant to me.

You've made the difference for me all along, and now I need you again. There's never
been a race for the nomination this close, and what you do right now could be the
deciding factor in this race.

Contribute today and help me win.

Every day on the campaign trail, I talk with people who know how important the
result of this race is for themselves and their families.

I promise you this: I will do everything in my power to wage a strong campaign
worthy of you and all those who are rallying to our cause.


Hillary Rodham Clinton


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