So, after last night's announcement about no pointless posts, of course, i'm bound to make a post which amounts to much ado about very little.

I've done some overhauling of my journal's presentation layer. Gone are the tangerine and dusty grape colours; in is a nighttime Seattle skyline image with sky, water and light colours selected from the image- slate and dark water blues, reflected mercury vapor light, dusk skies.

I'm going to do a bit more smoothing of the seams in the image tomorrow, because they're still a little more visible than i'd like them, but all in all, i like the look. Your input- especially if there are things which are significantly difficult to read on your monitors- is most appreciated.
ravencallscrows: (snowleopard)
I think, after much retrospection, that it's time to shift how i use this. Once upon a time, i was making entries on a daily basis as a check-sum of how i was feeling about things and what was going on in life on a daily basis. I don't feel an obligation to continue doing this, especially as entries have shrunk to so little content. Instead, updates will be less frequent, but hopefully with more content. After all, as the Dutch say, 'In het spel des levens; krigt niemand één programme' (In the game of life, no one recieves a programme), and you all certainly can find things to read more meritorious than the drabbles of the minutae of daily existance.


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