Now that USAdian politics has wound down for a bit, we can speculate about Canadian goings-on. With the Liberals picking francophone Quebeçois Stéphane Dion hard on the heels of PM Harper announcing that la belle provence amounts to a nation within a nation, will this precipitate new elections, or will it put them off to see if the new Grit leader missteps right out of the box. It doesn't look as if the NDP is going to waste any time picking on Dion- making initial attempts to tie him to the Martin scandals and a series of votes on which Dion came down on the 'wrong' side or missed. I think this is a bad tack unless the current government is about to fall- in which case it may be the opening salvos of a campaign. Either way, i'd rather see the New Democrats spend their efforts pushing for national recognition of their Working Families First plan- better healthcare, cleaner environment, enhanced economic security, election reform and ensuring equal treatment of some of the First Nations which have gone badly neglected historically.

Since the NDP isn't likely to win enough seats to form a government, much less a majority, any time soon, attacking the opposition party doesn't seem to make any sense at all, especially since they're better ideological bed-fellows for the Liberals than for the Tories- it's that whole 'my enemy's enemy is my friend' concept, but especially since the Conservatives take most stands on the opposite end of the spectrum rather than the more centrist Liberal positions.

Getting out in a bit- meeting new acquaintance A. for tea. Attempting to be more social if it kills me. So far, it hasn't.


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