Sometimes i see things which just make me want to create a contemporary version of Ambrose Bierce's classic The Devil's Dictionary. Today's entry, for the word 'irony': walking into my office building yesterday, i saw a car with an infant seat in the back. The print on the seat? Dale Earnhardt commemorative. Yup, just what i'd put on my kid's car-seat- a tribute to a guy who was killed in an auto wreck because he cut through his own seatbelt.
Come to think of it, the song which iTunes just started playing firs the definition as well, with this being the Katrina anniversary.

In other news- dreams last night. This is a rarity. Last night: we were at the Great Big Sea show at Bumbershoot, and a tech was coming out to set the mic levels and adjust the monitors. He walked up to one of the mics, and spoke the first line of "Someday Soon"— and the whole audience joined in and sang the rest of the song. Later, during the show proper, Séan McCann was starting in on a song, and [ profile] scootercomputer, being the little climber he is, wiggled away, climbed up on stage (in his home Senators jersey) and accosted Séan: "Not this song! Sing 'I spent my whole life out there on the sea.'" (the first line of the chorus of "Fisherman's Lament"- also from the first GBS release, and quite unlikely to be in the set list for the show).


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