Yet another natal anniversary to be greeted with felicitations and tumultuous merriment- [ profile] wicked_wish. May the year bring visions of horrors of such nature as inferior scribes would be unable to detail.

For anyone not aware, the birthday girl is writes Gothic/Victorian horror novels, so this is actually not a curse, but a wish that the year to come would bring augmented prosperity und so weiter.

In other matters, [ profile] darkmuffin and i had a discussion about swordfighting, and he asked why Herr Lichtenauer referred to the ward of provocation performed by holding one's blade pointing toward the ground, called Alber or the fool's guard. I'm pretty certain the answer is twofold- that to be that unprotected may seem foolish, but just as importantly that, considering the minimal effort to transition from Alber to Pflug (plow)- same stance- feet reversed to the blade side, but point up- from which position extending to Unterstechen 'under-thrusting' requires stepping forward with the sword-side foot and extending the weapon— thus placing the would be attacker in a reasonably vulnerable position and making him seem to be the fool.
A troika of birthday wishes today: [ profile] aylara, [ profile] msanborn, and [ profile] tonyawinter. May the year to come bring you only the most pleasant of surprises.

The Camlynn outing today went nicely- the boys had fun, and it was a good day to go. To borrow from the incomparable [ profile] prncsmoonbeam, the shallow fashion details for those so inclined: knee-high rough-out boots, black linen pants, cream linen shirt lacing up at the neck and both sleeves, burgundy velvet with black fringe belt pouch, black velvet doublet with sleeves opened into three diamonds. Nothing particularly period- or location-specific, just fairly generic western European lesser gentry wear- could be Landsknecht, possibly French during the reign of Henri III or IV, slightly too plain to be Tudor dress wear, maybe C. 15 Flemish etc.

Had dinner with I. and partial clan, and now for the rest of a quiet evening.


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