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Mar. 10th, 2008 09:25 pm

sliding through the house
sliding through the house
Just one of the shots from my iPhone of Alexander at curling practice yesterday. Looking at him, he's got amazingly good form for someone who has only been playing for a handful of weeks- he's square to the broom (which is out of frame), has good extension, head up, etc.

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Today, Alexander's second set of curling classes started. One of his classmates is the ten-year-old of one of the state's rink which goes to the national tournament, and her dad spent the hour watching practice with us. Alexander made a really nice shot a little past halfway through- came between two guards, just grazed the other side's shot rock and ended up on the button. If recollection is correct, he ended up getting the takeout on that shot to leave his side lying two, and when the other side's last shot wrecked on the guards he split, his team got a steal of two on the end. After the first one, though, the dad who plays commented "There's a kid to watch out for, if he can throw that way as he gets earlier. That's as pretty a shot as I've seen the whole time I've been watching."

Alexander was so jazzed about playing afterwards- it'd seem he's finally found a sport for which he has something approaching a passion. He's a good kid.
There's a monthly clinic for the various hockey teams in the Seattle Junior Hockey Association. Alexander's team had theirs tonight. This makes three times on the ice for him in four days- and he has a skating lesson tomorrow. Poor kid is going to be worn out at this rate. Personally, i'm hoping to find a stick and puck or drop-in session which doesn't start at o'dark thirty in the morning or end somewhere after midnight on a work day, but it looks as if those will be nigh unto impossible.

Alexander in his Badger jersey, from phone camera. Sorry it's slightly blurry.


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