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Highlight of the day: getting email from a Russian recruiter trying to fill a contract position in Seattle. I drafted a probably overly formal, but polite enough response in Russian noting that since the key thing they were looking is experience with a load-testing framework I haven't touched in five or six years and didn't particularly like then, I probably wasn't the best candidate for the role; and additionally that I'm reasonably satisfied doing the internationalization/localization work that I get to do now, which happens to let me do things like learn bits of languages and keep the ones I have at least somewhat functional.

Apparently I pass at both polite and somewhat functional, as I got a nice response back wishing me well and so on, and if I happened to trip across anyone who would fit their openings would I think kindly enough of them to pass the contact information along.

So, do any of my Seattle area software testing folk have experience with LoadRunner and interest in doing a contract gig involving scripting lots of load-testing automation? You don't need to respond to the recruiter in Russian- her English, as evidenced in the initial email, is exemplary.
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