Nov. 26th, 2011

I've now managed to do one more of those little fitness things I hadn't done before.

This morning, I ran the Seattle Marathon 5k road race. I've been running since the summer at varying distances, but hadn't done anything formal with it, so this was a new experience. The results right now show me at 109th among 310 male participants (I expect this to be revised up one spot, due to a double-entry, unless there were a pair of identical twins with the same name who ran exactly the same time) at a time of 26:28- or 8:22 behind the winner in my age range.

Seattle Marathon 5k course Seattle Marathon 5k course Seattle Marathon 5k course

I set a pace for the run with the RunKeeper app on my phone for a little slower than I've been averaging running on the treadmill at the gym (5:20, slightly off the 5:16 my last gym half hour was)- I figured real terrain and the temperature would have at least some impact on my performance, and it didn't seem right to expect to match treadmill pace on the roads of Seattle. Five minutes in, RunKeeper told me that I was almost fifty seconds ahead of that pace, which was just stunning. It also helped incite a little bout of cold-and-activity induced asthma, I think, as shortly after the end of the first mile, I was starting to have a little difficulty breathing, and slowed up a bit until I was able to get back to a normal breathing rate. Pushing on was a good decision, and I finished the course. RunTracker and the GPS in my phone show my total distance for the 26:41 it tracked was 5.52km- or an average pace of 4:50 per kilometer- which is faster than I've run any distance to date.


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